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School Sommelier of the "Master Class" was opened on April 3, 2000 at the Institute of Tourism of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. This is the first educational institution in Ukraine to prepare sommelier - specialists in wine and other alcoholic beverages, as well as training and retraining for bars, restaurants: waiters, bartenders, managers.

Training courses - from 1 month to 2.5 months.

After high school graduates receive the Certificate of the Institute of Tourism of the FPU and the Certificate of "Master Class."

Our vypukniki work in the most famous hotels («Hyatt »*****,« Premier Palace »*****, Dnepr »****, etc.), restaurants (Lipsky Mansion "," Titanic " «Porto Maltese», «Belvedere", "Tsarskoe Selo", "Star Zaporіzhzhya", "Restograd, etc.) of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

In addition, graduates are working successfully in the famous wine boutiques Ukraine («GoodWine», «Strada Del Vino», «Lavinia», «Wine Polyana", "Sommelier", etc.), vinokompaniyah, wine Stewart on cruise ships.

Many continue their studies abroad (for example, Vitaly Kovacs graduated from the School of Italian sommeliers, Anna Lozitsky - School of Hospitality in Switzerland).

Our sommelier course differs from all other courses are more advanced curriculum. Only in our school curriculum included "cheese course" (tereticheskaya part of all groups of cheeses, a professional video on how cooking, tasting the world’s most famous cheeses and selection of appropriate wines to them). Such a course is not even in Russian schools sommelier! Sommelier training course in our school - not less than 2 months! This course in our country does not give nobody else (after all, for 3-4 weeks is impossible to prepare such a professional!)

The course includes:

1.Tereticheskuyu part (all the wine countries of the world, grapes, famous wines, the best producers of all the spirits of the world - Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, some brandy, whiskey, peace, peace of vodka, bar drinks - vermouth, rum, gin, tequila, liqueurs, bitters and mn.dr)

2.Prakticheskaya tasting of all drinks being studied (each theoretical lesson reinforced by tasting).

3. Basics of wine service in restaurants (all the necessary modern dishes filing for drinks at the restaurants, the rules of serving wine and other beverages, the flow temperature, a combination of dishes and many others).

4.Organizatsiya Desk at restaurants (rules Desk food and drinks, the rules of hospitality, the prevention of conflicts, etc.).

5. Cheese Course (theory, videos, and tasting of the major groups of cheeses of the world, alone and with wines).

6.Sigarny course (theory, videos, and tasting of cigars). The course is conducted by representatives of Cigar House Fortuna. After the course a Certificate Cigar House Fortuna.

At the end of the 2-month training course conducted so-called "blind" tasting - the student should call the wine grape variety and country of manufacturer, not knowing which wine is poured into the glass.

Much attention is paid to partnership. Our business partners - are: TD Massandra, Inkerman Winery, TM "Tavria", "Factory" Koktebel, Odessa Champagne Winery Henry Rederera, TM "Colonist," TM "MIRS" Cigar House "Fortuna" Wine Supermarket «GoodWine», etc.

In addition, school-based sommelier, which has a modern equipped training bar and restaurant by a variety of presentations and tasting drink before the trademarks for its partners.

The plans of the School of sommelier - expanded partnerships, organizing seminars, presentations, tastings, conferences, competitions, student exchanges with other schools Sommelier of Europe and many others