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Building wine cellar

Building wine cellar

Demand for its own wine cellar has appeared recently - it has become fashionable to collect wine and live outside the city.

For those who care about the prestige and reputation of the cultural rights are not alien to European traditions, wine cellar - a symbol of wealth and respectability, and good wine - luxury and personal pride.

Establishment in his home cellar - is primarily not a blind imitation of the immediacy of fashion. Man, reshivshiysya to build a "house wines ", condemns himself to the knowledge of the secret life of "drink of the gods. " Nothing is more exciting than participating in the birth of a beautiful dityati earth and sun that can excite not only to its creator. The revival of the traditions of wine consumption begins with the traditions and culture of conservation. Good wine will require considerable effort at the beginning of his ways of knowing. But if you spend at this stage a bit of time and soul, And this rewarding theme blow you without reserve, delivering a lot of fun, adding optimism and orderly in your life.

examples of the design of wine cellars

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