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Specialists School Sommeliers have extensive experience in conducting master classes. Actually, our company is called "Master Class" that explains the conduct of such services.

List conducted master classes:

- The real work sommelier at the restaurant (presentation, decanting and feeding: Wine Restaurant Assembly in Chisinau
- Cognac and other brandies of the world, their combination with cigars: Wine "3 C" (brandy, coffee, cigars) in the Khmelnitsky
- Workshop for the tasting of beverages: holding a wine tasting for the company "Bosch & Siemens", A tasting of Austrian and Ukrainian wines
- Excursion - Wine tasting with departure: holding exclusive tours, tasting for the company "Tetra Pak", -tasting tour for the company "Tetra Pack"
- Cheese course and a combination of "cheese-wine": ports and cheese tasting club "Sommelier Selection Wine and Cheese" Cheese-Wine Club Selection sommelier ", tasting of cheeses, their combination with wines
- Whiskey World: Cigar course and tasting whiskey