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Preparing Administrators restaurant

Preparing Administrators restaurant

Training Course - 1,5 months. Frequency of classes - 5 times a week (total hours per week - 88 hours)

The course includes

1. Theoretical course:
- Organization of services in restaurants;
- All modern types and forms of service;
- All types of banquets and making the menu for them;
- The rules of admission orders and serving guests;
- Basic rules of hospitality and more. etc.

2. Practical course on the organization of services in restaurants:
- All kinds of servings tables;
- Practical work on folding napkins 40 shapes;
- Rules for cleaning dishes and replace the tablecloth;
- The real work of the waiter in the restaurant;
- Creating conflict and exit;
- Demonstration of professional video on the studied subjects;
- Basics of etiquette and rules of conduct at the table;
- Basics of marketing and sales regulations;
- Basics of wine service in a restaurant;
- Basics of wine tasting courses with drinks (for the course is six tastings for groups of beverages: the dry wines of Ukraine and European wines Ukriany and Europe, the sparkling wines of Ukraine and Europe, the spirits of Ukraine and Europe);
- Basics Wine & gastronomy - a combination of wines and dishes;
- The basis of the bar business (theoretical course beverage bar, a course of "barista", based on sales);
- Basics of management and marketing;
- A culinary feature dishes;
- Characterization of the restaurant;
- The basis of restaurant management.

At the end of training to take an examination (an examination ticket includes 4 questions: three theoretical and one practical - serving tables, folding napkins, the real work of the administrator in the audience). After passing the exam are issued state documents (license AB 498440 from 13.11.2009 was):

- Certificate of the Institute of Tourism FPA;
- The certificate of "Master Class".