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Preparation headwaiters

Preparation headwaiters

Classes are held from 10.00 to 16.00 and include:

1. Testing of staff for the professional and psychological fitness. Types and condition of customers, especially working with them.

2. Behavior in conflict, ways out of conflict. Coherence of the kitchen, bar and lounge. How to attract and retain customers?

3. A theoretical course on the organization of services in restaurants (modern methods and rules of service, all kinds of banquets, diplomatic receptions, 40 forms of folding napkins, etc.)

4. Practical course on the organization of services in restaurants (the real work of a waiter at the restaurant, taking orders and serving guests, consideration of conflict situations in the service, serving all types of banquets, rules for calculating the visitor on credit cards, etc).

5. Theoretical course on the organization of the wine service in restaurants (a new profession "Sommelier" in Ukraine, the main group of beverages served in restaurants, review the major wine regions of the world, the course Wine & gastronomy - a combination of food and drinks).

6. Practical course on the organization of the wine service in the restaurant (wine tasting and other beverages in Ukraine and other countries in the world with detailed justification for each sample and its compatibility with food products to schools sommelier).

7. The theoretical course of a new profession in the Ukrainian market "barista" - an expert on coffee preparation (rules with a coffee maker, coffee grinder, all about coffee, history and regions of growth, the main types of hot drinks, cocktails and drinks with additional components on the basis of coffee, etc.) .

8. Practical Course "barista" (cooking and tasting all kinds of coffee and cocktails, coffee-based products for schools sommelier, the real work with a coffee maker, coffee grinder, the consideration of problematic situations with this equipment, etc.).

9. Theoretical course on the basics of cooking (culinary characteristics and features of preparation of cold meals and snacks, I, II hot dishes, desserts, their enogastoronomicheskoe combination with drinks served in restaurants).

10. A theoretical course on ethics, aesthetics and marketing.

11. Demonstration of professional video for all studied subjects.

12. The final exam, after which the two documents given to the state of the sample:
- Certificate of the Institute of Tourism FPA;
- Certificate of "Master Class" (license Min. Education № 234945 from 22.10.2002g.).


Our prices are acceptable to all!

Methods of payment: bank transfer, with the possibility of payment in two stages. There is a flexible system of discounts for restaurants, which provide for retraining of its staff

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