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Ukrainian Association of winemakers and sommeliers

Ukrainian Association of winemakers and sommeliers

Ukrainian Association of winemakers and sommeliers was established in October 2002. Its main goal of the association sees the unification of the two professions that are directly related to wine: winemakers and sommeliers, and people who produce wine and those who sell it.

Immediately after the establishment of the Association, in 2002 under its aegis organized the first International Festival of Wine and professional skill "Vinofest" (November, 2002, Kyiv, House of Cinema).

Such festivals have been four: in 2003 and 2004 - in Kyiv, EC "Expoplaza" in 2005 - Yalta, an open promenade.

In addition, since the early days of the Association were held interesting meetings winemakers and sommeliers and wine tasting (from LOD "Massandra" TM "Inkerman," TM "Tavria", TM "Odessa", TM "Koktebel" TM "Solar Valley" , foreign winemakers from Argentina, Italy, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Spain, Portugal and many others).

Association was organized trips sommelier at the wineries of Ukraine and other European countries (visit LOD "Massandra, Inkerman Winery, Artyomovsk Winery, the plant" New World ", the Odessa factory of sparkling wines, Odessa cognac factory TM Pasha, TM Shabo, Koblevo "," Colonist ", as well as known producers of Moldova, Georgia, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and others).

Association together with the company ACCO "Interneshenel (Exhibition Alcosoft") in 2003 and 2004. were organized and conducted new contests drinks Ukrainian market "Star commercial matters" where was the first comprehensive assessment of the drink, from label design to sensory evidence.

Annually under the auspices of the Association are professional contests: performed 8 regional competitions bartenders and barledi, 4-Ukrainian competition of bartenders, 8-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition. Such competitions are the best experts define the Ukrainian market and provide an opportunity to move forward and grow best in their profession.

In 2004 the Association was organized tasting clubs: Club Professional’s Choice sommelier "(Best Sommelier of Ukraine give an estimate of the Ukrainian market of drinks for special editions) and The Press Club" Be Your Own Sommelier "for the media. Held 12 press-club meeting at the best restaurants of Kiev, where, during dinner enogastronomicheskogo journalists were able to estimate presented at the tasting drinks.

In 2008 the club was transformed into a club for wine connoisseurs, but left the same name, "Be Your Own Sommelier" is not even a wine expert direction is always in my heart remains sommelier (figuring, for example, recommend a home to its guests).

Our Wine Club "Be Your Own Sommelier" - this is the only club of its kind in Ukraine. Members of the Club (and now their 60 people.) - It’s lovers and wine lovers, who eagerly await the monthly meetings of the finest restaurants of Kiev. The plans of the Club - an outreach sessions (one has already been held in May 2008, the museum complex "Kachanivka, Chernihiv oblast) in Ukraine and other countries.

As of March 2011 already held 25 meetings of the Club.

In 2007, the Association together with the Institute of Tourism of the FPU for the first time Ukraine has developed and conducted a Wine Tour (South Ukraine and Crimea).

This will allow all comers to meet not only the culture, history, and wines of our country.

The plans of the Association - the expansion of international contacts, exchange of students of our School sommeliers and other similar schools in Europe, the organization of new and interesting meetings with winemakers all over the world and many others